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2014-06-05 18:20:00 President Rosen Plevneliev, ‘I expect the National Service for Protection to perform in a professional, non-partisan way, working as a team and following European trends’ On 5th June 2014, President Rosen Plevneliev met the senior management of the National Service for Protection on the premises of NSP. NSP Chief Lieutenant General Dr. Angel Antonov made the opening statement in the meeting which focused on the priorities of NSP activity in the changing realities in the sphere of security at the national and global level. In his speech, General Dr. Antonov outlined the new management’s vision of the most important and short-term priorities, namely the preservation and consolidation of the stable and productive work environment in the service. ‘We are in for some thorough-going reform; however, it will not be a change for its own sake, but a purposeful managing effort underpinned with the idea of unity in continuity, lawfulness and innovation’, he said. The change will be effected without a purge based on conjuncture or other unprofessional criteria, the Chief of the service assured, and added that... read more...
2014-04-29 09:00:00 NSP employees won first and second prize in the National Kickboxing Championship NSP employees Sgt. Yulian Yankov and Sgt. Kiril Tetimov both competed in the 91 kg weight class and they became the undisputed champion and vice champion in the National Kickboxing Championship, full-contact style.
The competition took place on 26th and 27th April 2014 in the Levski-Sikonko Sports Hall in Sofia, with over 400 competitors of various age groups and weight classes.
Sgt. Yankov and Sgt. Tetimov won their matches with the other contestants and engaged each other in the final match which ended with the champion’s prize for Yulian Yankov.
2014-02-27 16:21:00 NSP chief Brigadier General Todor Kojeikov and deputy head Colonel Kalin Ivanov handed in their resignations. The chief of the NSP Brigadier General Todor Kojeikov and the deputy head Colonel Kalin Ivanov handed in their resignations. Yesterday, February 26, 2014 two officials handed in their resignations. They pointed out personal reasons.
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The National Service for Protection under of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria plays an important role within the institutional system of national security. At present, the activity of the National Service for Protection /NSP/ is regulated by the Republic of Bulgaria Defence and Armed Forces Act and the Statutes for the structure and activity of NSP.
The National Service for Protection adheres in its activity to the following principles:

1. Observance of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, Bulgarian laws and international agreements

2. Respect for citizens’ rights, liberties and dignity

3. Political neutrality

4. Undivided authority in governing the service

5. Continuity of protection

6. Interaction with national and international public institutions and organizations.

Underlying the activity of the NSP are the values of duty, respect, loyalty, trust, responsibility, and professional advancement. These values underpin the motto of NSP, which is “High professionalism, personal commitment, team spirit.”


The vision of NSP is to fulfill its mission by investing in its employees’ training, by improving their motivation and encouraging their personal commitment, by performing in accordance with the highest professional standards and applying the latest methods and achievements in security and protection.